• US TECHNOLOGY revolutionises the production and delivery of affordable homes.

  • US Green Infrastructure Solutions Inc of the United States, is represented by The Board Limited throughout Oceania.

  • US Green has developed a new industry as result of its Waste to Energy process. This produces a range of modern, affordable and fast-build housing.

  • US Green is currently installing homes in various locations throughout the world made from the inert recycled pellets produced in its plants.

  • They have the ability to delivery large volumes of low cost housing very quickly and are currently involved in a project to provide 300,000 home to India.

  • Kevin Smith, managing director of The Board Ltd said the first project in the region could involve the building several thousand homes which will be connected to electricity generated from a US Green waste conversion plant.

  • .In N.Z. finished homes could be delivered at the rate of 800 or more per month.

  • For further details, please contact Kevin Smith (027 296 1947) or Tony Edmonds (021 446 437). Or e-mail or