The Board’s beginning

Issues that matter to our future

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The board’s members will never completely reach agreement when we talk issues.

This is an energy we bring to any client project.

We will debate and eventually recommend a course of action.

But there is an underlying consensus that the issues which interest us most, are those big changes taking place today all around the globe; the trends affecting all of human existence.

Some of which are already in play, others yet to be proven or disproven.

  • What will be the effects as the age of oil slows and finally ends?
  • Will technology and artificial intelligence make life richer or poorer?
  • How many current jobs will actually be lost to technology and what new jobs will emerge?
  • How will the workforce be reconfigured to address these job changes?
  • Where and how should New Zealand leverage its unique qualities for World markets?
  • Could social media overtake democracy? Has it already begun? Is it the same thing?
  • Is the teaching profession a cost to the nation or an investment in the future of the nation?
  • People are living longer. What needs to change in Government and society?
  • What will be the global effect of a continued polarising of wealth?
  • Which of our big industries have the most promising future and which are under threat? (Dairy, beef, lamb, wool, forestry, horticulture, tourism, digital innovation).
  • How do the values of baby boomers, the Y generation, millennials and those yet to enter adulthood, actually differ?.
  • Is the human race affecting climate?