• August 14, 2019. The latest Light Rail technology in introduced to New Zealand.

  • Offering HUGE savings in cost, construction time, maintenance and operation.

  • The Board Ltd is the exclusive representative for Oceania.

  • Managing director, Kevin Smith, signed an agreement in July 2019 with AEROMOVEL of Brazil, to represent the technology locally.

  • Aeromovel installed its first light rail system in Asia in 1989.

  • A family-owned company, the second generation of management has become more active in seeking global opportunities.

  • Aeromovel is now involved in projects in over 200 locations globally.

  • The technology has proven to be lower in capital construction cost, highly efficient in running costs and completely emission free in its electrical operation.

  • “We are confident that Aeromovel is the best system for New Zealand,” he said.

  • “We have been advised that we can discuss costs around a current estimate of $NZ38 million per completed kilometre including passenger stations. This could effectively cut the current budget being discussed for an Auckland City to Airport line, by more than a fifth.

  • “However, we believe this technology to be highly competitive on a number of additional key requirements that New Zealand planners would be very pleased to obtain.

  • “It uses clean electric motors which create pneumatic pressure to move up to 25,000 passengers an hour.”

  • Kevin said the simplicity of the track construction also minimises or eliminates the need for land appropriation and has potential to fit easily into existing urban infrastructure.

  • “The cost advantages mean a passenger service can provide a commercial return that interests infrastructure investors,” he said.

  • Kevin said interest has been received from other companies who may join a consortium bid. This includes a northern hemisphere infrastructure fund.